Biomedical engineering and Sustainable development goals

Since 2015, SDGs marked a paradigm shift: they turned the vision changes from charity to development. The SDGs have been written by nations, for nations in order to reach civil society, entrepreneurs, NGO and involve them in achieving peace, prosperity and justice for all..
Currently the framework of the SDGs is composed of 17 goals, 117 targets and 241 indicators and each SDG has a custodian: this structure is the backbone  to  monitor SDGs progress at the local, national, regional,and global scale. A sound indicator framework turns the SDGs and their targets into a management tool and every 4 month the UN Statistical Commission updates this set. Is important then to have them compliant at all scales, and a big data approach can have a strong role in this mission. Several Machine learning and data mining techniques often developed from the biomedical field could serve as a useful instrument for the compliance of SDGs. On this vision indicators became part of a statistical infrastructure for monitoring SDGs.