Assegno di ricerca – Area di Neuroscienze – SISSA, Trieste

A full-time researcher position (RTD-A) is available in the Lab for Neuronal Dynamics of the Neuroscience Area at SISSA (The International School of Advanced Studies) in Trieste (Italy).  

The topic is in “Cell and network electrophysiology of human brain tissue slices”. 

Fields of the research activity: Human cortical tissue; in vitro electrophysiology, patch-clamp and arrays of microelectrodes, ontogenetica, analysis and interpretation of experimental neurobiological data; 

Scientist responsible: Michele Giugliano 

Duration of the fellowship: 36 months  

Requisites for the admission to the selection procedure:
– University degree: Neuroscience, Biotechnology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Bioengineering; 
– Doctoral degree: Neuroscience, Biophysics, Bioengineering; 

Proven experience in: 
• Research experience in the field of neuroscience and biophysics  
• Experience in developing different culture systems • Experience in videomicroscopy (DIC)  
• Experience in electrophysiological studies using patch- clamp and MEA  
• Knowledge of scientific programming languages (e.g., Matlab, LabView, Phyton)  
• Proven ability to work in multidisciplinary and biotechnological research projects; 

Additional requirements, competencies and abilities: 
• Ability to generate ideas, conduct experiments autonomy and implement them  
• Reliability  
• Interest in understanding the ways in which new micro- and nanoelectronic devices could affect the membrane potential of neuronal cells and, consequently, their electrical activity.  
• Interest in understanding the processes that govern neuronal excitability at the single cell level and the establishment of specific patterns of neuronal activity within a complex network, both in vitro and in vivo  

Duties and responsibilities: 
• To undertake experiments under the instruction and supervision of the Principal Investigator and in harmony with other lab members  
• To contribute to the design of experiments in relation to the project  
• To correctly execute experiments in consultation, ensuring that experiments are appropriately recorded, analyzed and documented both electronically and by maintaining a lab book that will serve as a permanent record of the methodologies used and the experiments performed. 


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Tipo di bando: assegno di ricerca

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