Bachelor Degree in Biomedical Engineering – University of Florence

The Bachelor’s Degree Course in Biomedical Engineering is an inter-class course between L8 (Information Engineering) and L9 (Industrial Engineering) which implements an interdisciplinary training course capable of providing the skills required by the Biomedical Engineer profile.

The course aims to provide fundamental knowledge relating to the fields of Information and Industrial Engineering and to integrate them with basic notions relating to human physiology.

Graduates are equipped with transversal skills, which can be tailored by the student. Mandatory subjects cover fundamental disciplines for the profile of a Biomedical Engineer, such as electronics, automation, information technology, mechanics, fluid dynamics, materials technology and applied chemistry.

The course includes a single curriculum, without rigid differentiation between the two degree classes. At the same time, the course offers to the students the opportunity to customize their training path for obtaining more in-depth skills in the field of information technology or in the field of industrial engineering. In any case, the course will focus on the specific technical and regulatory aspects of medical applications, differentiated according to the chosen application area.

The course provides an adequate response to the needs of the world of work, which requires professionals with specific synthesis skills, with solid technical training, capable of collaborating and coordinating with experts, not only in the various technological fields, but also in the field of health professions, and able to update themselves independently, according to the rapid technological evolution of the sector.

The  University of Florence offers also a Master Degree course in Biomedical Engineering, to which three-year graduates can access without any educational debt for completing their studies. Alternatively, the three-year graduates can continue their studies by also enrolling in other master’s degree courses, or first level masters.

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