Computer-Aided Design for Biofabrication: basic procedures and open challenges

This lecture aims to provide students basic and advanced knowledge on modelling and simulations for computer-aided answers to challenges and uncertainties in biofabrication process variables, such as printability, cross-linking protocols, or tissue development. To this aim, theoretical and computational aspects will be presented, with particular reference to extrusion-based technologies. The bioprinting steps will be followed: from design, through printing, up to processing of the bioprinted construct. The fundamental balance equations required for describing the physical phenomena occurring within each step will be consistently derived. Constitutive models of viscous fluids (for design and printing) and viscoelastic solids (for processing steps) will be introduced. An overview of the most suitable discretization techniques for the modelling of the different steps will be presented. The lecture will also highlight open challenges for the next research steps.