Next-Generation Bioprinting for Manufacturing Tissue-Engineered Products

Main challenges for the manufacturing of tissue engineered advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) relate to the standardisation of manufacturing processes and the improvement of tissue functionality, and cost-effectiveness and profitability of related treatments. Producing advanced therapy medicinal products remains a cumbersome process with costs, reproducibility and scalability issues. Poietis develops biomanufacturing solutions based on Next-Generation Bioprinting (NGB). This new platform integrates automation and robotics technologies, and is coupled with online sensors – including cell microscopy. In addition, it integrates all bioprinting techniques (laser-assisted bioprinting, bioextrusion, micro-valve bioprinting). Based on our experience on bioprinting full-thickness skin equivalents, we discuss how next-gen bioprinting technology should make it possible to overcome current tissue manufacturing bottlenecks and also provide new therapeutic opportunities.