SNF Sinergia Summer School “Brain Dynamics on the Connectome”

We are proud to announce the SNF Sinergia Summer School “Brain Dynamics on the Connectome”, which will be held as a virtual event in October 11-12, 2021.

The Summer School, organised by a consortium of senior and junior neuroscientists, brings together top neuroscientists and researchers from all over Europe to guide the students in Multimodal brain imaging techniques aiming to unravel connectivity and functioning in the healthy and diseased brain along the dimensions of space and time.

The 2-day lectures and tutorials will lead the students to discover basic and advanced tools to explore brain communication pathways by combining diffusion based quantitative structural connectivity and EEG source imaging with application to physiological properties of brain communication networks and alterations related to brain disorders. Tools presented in the Summer School can be adapted to solve other neuroscience and bioengineering problems, making this Summer School attractive also for students and young researchers working on different applications.

Registration: 45 euro

Application deadline: August 1, 2021

Sponsors: SNF Sinergia Grant 170873, Lemanic Neuroscience Doctoral School, International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility, ReproNim initiatives.

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Maria Rubega

Call type: Other

Call field: Bioengineering

Call closing date: 01.08.2021

Website: SNF Sinergia Summer School “Brain Dynamics on the Connectome”