PhD in Bioengineering and Medical-Surgical Sciences

The establishment of a joint programme between Politecnico di Torino and Università degl Studi di Torino, providing a common high-level training for engineers, biologists, physicians, surgeons and dentists, represents an answer to the demand for a greater competitiveness at international level, but also a novelty in the framework of national scientific and educational organisations.

From such research and training cooperation, it is likely to develop the basis for the devise of cutting-edge methodologies and technologies, which could provide an answer to most recent problems in biomedical research and to propose innovative solutions that could have an deep impact on reality of healthcare and production system.

The educational objectives of the course concern the training of a new generation of researchers with expertise in medical sciences, surgical and medical technologies, capable of conceiving, designing, testing, and transferring into clinical practice the therapeutic strategies based on medical and surgical devices and biomedical technologies which could range from the atomistic scale to the macro scale. This will allow to compete for research funding CALLs on numerous issues in line with the objectives of Horizon 2020 (in particular Society challenges: health, demographic change and well-being).

These professionals find employment in public and private structures operating in scientific research and technological innovation, contributing to the growth of the Piedmont System (Sistema Piemonte).

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