XLIII Annual School 2024 – Neurotechnologies to understand and restore  the nervous system

“Interacting” is a crucial challenge in the field of the neuroengineering. ​ We can exploit it to understand how the nervous system works and to restore its functioning.

How to interact?​

  1. design implantable devices to read and write in the nervous system; 
  2. design in silico bioinpired models and machine learning to characterize the electrophysiological activity and to optimize the interaction/stimulation
  3. develop reduced in vitro/organoids experimental models to overcome possible limits when dealing with the in vivo nervous system
  4. develop neurotechnologies to restore compromised neural functions and facilitate relearning​

We invite you to join us from September 16th to 19th 2024 in Bressanone for the XLIII Annual School of the Italian Group of Bioengineering.

The topic of the 2024 edition is relative to the Neurotechnologies to understand and restore  the nervous system.

The school will open on Monday 16th September at 9.15 and will end on Thursday 19th at 17.30 with the award ceremony for the best projects carried out by the students attending the School.


Paolo Massobrio (Università diGenova)
Silvestro Micera (ScuolaSuperiore Sant’Anna)
Alessandra Bertoldo (Università di Padova)
Alessandra Pedrocchi (Politecnico di Milano)
Sergio Martinoia (Università di Genova)


Gabriele Arnulfo (Università di Genova)
Calogero Oddo, Alberto Mazzoni (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna)
Alberto Antonietti (Politecnico di Milano)


Gruppo Nazionaledi Bioingegneria (GNB)


Pragma Congressi (Pavia)


Registration is open

For registration, you need to access the reserved area of the GNB website, at the following link:


Those not already registered can create an account (account creation is also possible for non-members). In the reserved area it is possible to register for the School by clicking on participation in the “XLIII Annual School 2024” event.

Participation fees are available in the event brochure below. Early Bird rates are available until July 31, 2024. There is no refund of registration.

The school will be in hybrid format.


Event brochure

Event program

16.09.2024 - 09:30"Broadband" cortical neuronal ensembles
Giugliano M., UNIMORE
16.09.2024 - 10:00Electrophysiological and neuroimaging approaches for the investigation of functional brain networks
Maggioni E., POLIMI
16.09.2024 - 11:00Do we need more data or better data? The importance of data quality for research reliability
Pasquale V., IIT
16.09.2024 - 14:00Dynamical system reconstruction and functional connectivity in the CNS
Russo E, SSSA
16.09.2024 - 14:30From the neurophysiology of the spinal cord to artificial sensorimotor control
Raspapovic S., ETH
16.09.2024 - 15:30Neural basis and dynamics of touch: insights for biomimetic bionics
Valle G., Chicago Univ.
17.09.2024 - 09:00The use of in vitro murine models for neuroengineering applications
Brofiga M., UNIGE
17.09.2024 - 09:30Human neuronal networks on MEA: a robust tool to study disease phenotype in vitro
Frega M., UNITW
17.09.2024 - 10:30TbD
Elvassore N., UNIPD
17.09.2024 - 11:00Ethics of Neuroengineering and Ethics for Neuroengineering
Ienca M., TUM
17.09.2024 - 14:00Microcircuit modeling: the cerebellar usecase
Casellato C., UNIPV
17.09.2024 - 14:30In silico brain models for understanding pathologies
Antonietti A., POLIMI
17.09.2024 - 15:00In silico medicine: modeling brain circuits to restore neuronal functions
Mapelli J., UNIMORE
17.09.2024 - 16:00Biophysically-accurate and surrogate models for the in silico optimization of peripheral and spinal neuromodulation
Romeni S., EPFL
17.09.2024 - 16:30From touch science to the engineering of neuromorphic tactile sensors for bionic limb prostheses, collaborative robotics and the metaverse
Oddo C., SSSA
18.09.2024 - 09:00Innovative Microtransducers for Multifunctional Activity Monitoring of Electroactive Cellular Aggregates
Bonfiglio A., IUSS
18.09.2024 - 09:30Implantable active dense CMOS neuroelectronics for brain activity recordings
Berdondini L., IIT
18.09.2024 - 10:30Deep brain stimulation for locomotor network dysfunctions in Parkinson's disease
Palmisano C., Wurzburg Univ.
18.09.2024 - 11:00Trustworthy AI in neuroengineering: from data management to ethics assessment
Moccia S., SSSA
18.09.2024 - 14:30Mobile Brain/Body Imaging for rehabilitation: challenges and opportunities
Artoni F., UNIGe
18.09.2024 - 15:00Deep Brain Stimulation: from serendipity to knowledge-driven neuromodulation
Mazzoni A., SSSA
18.09.2024 - 16:00Deep brain stimulation, the patient and the person - a challenging evolution
Pacetti M., Ist. G. Gaslini
18.09.2024 - 16:30Transcranial brain stimulation: currents, magnets and ultrasounds
Foffani G., Hosp de Parapléjicos
19.09.2024 - 09:00Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation (NIBS): evolving concepts for clinical applications
Priori A., UNIMI
19.09.2024 - 09:30Bidirectional brain-machine and brain-body interfaces
Shokur S.
19.09.2024 - 10:30Functional Electrical Stimulation and robotics devices: two complementary approaches to foster motor re-learning
Ambrosini E., POLIMI
19.09.2024 - 11:00PRISM: Photon Resolved Image Scanning Microscopy for Spatial and Temporal Imaging of Living Samples
Piazza S., Genoa Instr
19.09.2024 - 14:00Spinal cord stimulation assisted by motor rehabilitation training for restoring motorfunction
Albano L., HSR
19.09.2024 - 14:30A wearable neuroprosthetics system to restore natural thermal sensations in upper limb amputees
Iberite F., SSSA
19.09.2024 - 15:30Bioelectronic medicine as a tool for restoring natural bladder function
Giannotti A., SSSA
19.09.2024 - 16:00Visual prostheses: learned lessons and future perspectives
Ghezzi G., Hôp. Jules-Gonin