XLII Annual School 2023 – The Bioengineering of Sport

The impact of technology on sports is rapidly increasing, fostered by technological progress and digitalization. This school aims at offering students an overview of latest trends and operative tools to assess and enhance athlete performance, to prevent or to recover from injury, and to support coaching staff through bioengineeringapproaches.

The activities of the school will include lectures by recognized experts and hands-on computational projects on how to build an “athlete digital passport”. This integrates metrics for monitoring the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic system of the athlete, as well as in-field sport data analytics, to improve sport training, to perfect athletic movement and sport gestures, and to reduce the risk of injuries.


  • Laura Burattini (UNIVPM)
  • Valentina Camomilla (UNIROMA4)
  • Marco Knaflitz (POLITO)


  • Micaela Morettini, Agnese Sbrollini (UNIVPM)
  • Elena Bergamini, Giuseppe Vannozzi (UNIROMA4)
  • Valentina Agostini, Andrea Cereatti, Marco Gazzoni (POLITO)


Gruppo Nazionaledi Bioingegneria (GNB)


PRAGMA Congressi, Pavia


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The school will be in hybrid format.


Event brochure

Event program

11.09.2023 - 09:00Opening of the GNB School
Burattini L. (UNIVPM), Camomilla V. (UNIROMA4), Knaflitz M.(POLITO)
11.09.2023 - 09:30Movement in sport: addressing the problem
Preatoni E., UNIBATH
11.09.2023 - 10:15Movement devices (IMU, stereo, video, GPS)
Vannozzi G., UNIROMA4
11.09.2023 - 11:00Movement devices (force, pressure)
Giacomozzi C., ISS
11.09.2023 - 11:30Movement devices (EMG)
Cerone G.L., POLITO
11.09.2023 - 12:00Unconventional electrodes for unobtrusive biopotentials monitoring: from wearable to more- than-wearable
Pani D., Spanu A., UNICA
11.09.2023 - 14:00Multimodal movement analysis in cycling
Bibbo D., UNIROMA 3
11.09.2023 - 14:30Talks and Hands-on sessions
Bergamini E., UNIROMA4; Fantozzi S., UNIBO; Agostini V., POLITO; Ghislieri M., POLITO
12.09.2023 - 09:00Cardiovascular safety in sport: the issue of prevention
Pozzi M., ORA
12.09.2023 - 09:45Cardiac modeling in sport
Pedrizzetti G., UNITS
12.09.2023 - 10:15Vascular modelling in sport
Zitti G., UNIVPM
12.09.2023 - 11:00Cardiovascular devices
Llorca D., NUBOO
12.09.2023 - 11:30Heart rate and heart-rate variability in sport
Barbieri R., POLIMI
12.09.2023 - 12:00ECG signal processing in sport (ECG)
Bailon R., UNIZAR
12.09.2023 - 14:00The importance of breathing monitoring in sport and exercise
Nicolò A., UNIROMA4
12.09.2023 - 14:45Respiratory devices
Aliverti A., POLIMI
12.09.2023 - 15:15Signal processing in respiration
12.09.2023 - 15:45Talks and Hands-on sessions
Sbrollini A., UNIVPM; Bondi D., UdA
13.09.2023 - 09:00Exercise and Metabolism: addressing the problem
Sacchetti M., UNIROMA4
13.09.2023 - 09:45Matematical modelling in exercise immunometabolism
Morettini M., UNIVPM
13.09.2023 - 10:15Computational modelling of fuel homeostasis during exercise
Palumbo M.C., IAC CNR
13.09.2023 - 11:00Continuous glucose monitoring: past, present and future challenges
Facchinetti A., Cappon G., UNIPD
13.09.2023 - 11:30Talks and Hands-on session
Mationi Maturana F., UNITUBINGEN; Morettini M., UNIVPM
13.09.2023 - 14:30Award Ceremony
13.09.2023 - 15:15Lectio Magistralis: Data Analytics
13.09.2023 - 16:00Hands-on session
Cereatti A, POLITO
14.09.2023 - 09:15Human Neuroscience in Sport Sciences
Comani S., UdA
14.09.2023 - 09:45Biomechanics and Bioenergetics in sport
Pavei G., UNIMI
14.09.2023 - 10:15Musculoskeletal modeling in sport
Sawacha Z., UNIPD
14.09.2023 - 11:00Gaze orientation and stabilization in sport
Ramat S., UNIPV
14.09.2023 - 11:30Engineering solutions for sport inclusion
Di Stanislao E., ITOP
14.09.2023 - 12:00Impact:para-sports
Cutti A.G., INAIL
14.09.2023 - 12:30Para-sport: the Cybathlon experience
Ambrosini E., POLIMI
14.09.2023 - 14:30Etica nello sport - Doping e doping tecnologico
Tripodi V., POLITO
14.09.2023 - 15:00Students' pitch & Awards
14.09.2023 - 16:45Closing Ceremony